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Ecoline Environmental Systems Limited is an environmental and municipal engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater systems, treatment process design, and plant operations. Check on the links for more information or case studies of representative projects. 
Ecoline Environmental Systems offers services in the following areas: 

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Services - including predesign and design studies, bench and pilot treatability studies, process design, complete treatment plant design, wastewater collection and pumping, sludge management and disposal; residuals, biogas and biosolids management; industrial, commercial and municipal wastewaters.

Water Treatment & Distribution

Water Treatment Services- including predesign and design studies, bench and pilot treatability studies, process design, complete treatment plant design, water distribution, storage and pumping, water treatment plant sludge management and disposal.

Plant Operations & Optimization

Plant Operations - including contract operations, supervisory services, operator training, preparation of operations manuals for water and wastewater plants; plant audits and troubleshooting of process problems including monitoring and reporting; also offering laboratory facilities for rapid and accurate determination of monitoring and operational parameters including microscopy, respirometry, BOD, SS, and COD, with professional evaluation of results.

Bench & Pilot Testing

To establish design parameters, prove design concepts or optimize existing plant operations for water and wastewater treatment facilities; EES conducts benchscale testing in our laboratory facilities and has fully automated pilot plant equipment to enable field testing of design concepts; design of pilot facilities and pilot studies.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste- integrated management studies, waste audits, operational audits, recycling evaluations, design of processing and disposal facilities including composting, landfills, and recycling centres, evaluation of disposal alternatives and reuse.

Impact Assessment

Including receiving environment evaluations and investigations, biological and physical compliance monitoring, modelling, peer review services, public participation and education.

Municipal Infrastructure Engineering

For water, stormwater and sewer services including predesign and design studies and design through to construction services.

Construction Administration & Project Management

Complete tendering, contract administration and inspection services from tendering to completion of warranty period.

Design Build & Turnkey Projects

Complete services to meet the specific needs of our clients; unique and innovative designs; project approvals and financing.  

Innovative & Alternate Technologies

Innovative and Alternative Technologies – EES has assisted in the research and development of products for other manufacturers and developed our own product lines, with innovations reducing costs and improving treatment efficiencies.